Primary products

The trust that we have built up over the 60 years since our founding lives in every one of our products.

Please consult with us concerning all kinds of processing, from electronic materials to PWB materials.

Printed wiring board (PWB) materials

  • Single- and double-sided PWB materials
  • Multi-layer PWB materials
  • Build up multi-layer PWB materials
  • High frequency circuit PWB materials
  • Flexible PWB materials
PWB secondary materials

Dry film resist, photo solder resist, solderite flux, solder paste

Insulating materials

Adhesives and lubricants

Epoxy adhesive, silicon oil, silicon varnish, silicon grease, mold release agent, antifoaming agent

Insulating tapes

Electronic and electrical insulating tape, masking and surface protection tape, belting tape, antistatic tape, heat radiating tape

Wires and tubes

Heat resistant wire, flame resistant silicon glass tube, silicon rubber heat-contracting tube

Processed products

  • Printed wiring boards
  • Processing of silicon heat-radiating sheets
  • Pressing and cutting of various insulating materials

Electronic components

Connectors, switches, indicator lamps, terminal blocks

Equipment products

Devices and systems related to PWB and soldering

Mounted substrate segmentation machines, router machines, tabletop presses

Soldering-related devices and systems

Automated reflow soldering systems, automated wave soldering systems